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Magento Training in Delhi Magento Training in Delhi

Magento is an open source e-commerce CMS (Content Management System). That was developed by varien (now Magento Inc). Basicaly magento is used for ecommerce websites.It’s  very powerfull pattform for online store because.  magento database model is very complex model called EAV(Entity Attribute Value) specially for E-commerce. it’s storage lot’s ammount  of data.

Magento Guru provides high level magento training for professionals. We are highly skilled magento and magento 2 developer focus on magento customization like, magento theme develeopment , magento extension development because any development company want extra feature and different design (layout) for e-commerce store.

I am Anil Kumar , Developer cum Trainer  in Web Technologies. Well, you can find lots of training center providing Magento training but they focused on admin sections only , hardly they cover few section on theme and module development . But we at provides advance level Magento training on developer side .Our 50% syllabus focused on module development , also another important part i.e Magento theme development .There lots of topic we cover that help you to become a good Magento developer .

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Magento introduction , installation

  • Introduction of Magento
  • Background & Features
  • Understanding Catalog ,Categories from admin panel
  • Creating some attributes
  • Understanding Root vs Sub category
  • Creating Categories

Products,Block,Widgets,CMS PAGE , Composer

  • Magento Product Types
  • Creating product and showing to frontend
  • Creating CMS Pages
  • Static blocks
  • Creating Widgets
  • Url rewrite management, adding CMS page to top category menu
  • Understanding Composer

Magento directory structure

  • Disabling cache for theming
  • Magento directory structure
  • Understanding theme fallback
  • Layout and templates
  • Showing template path hint
  • Blocks and Containers
  • Reference/Insert Block and Container
  • Removing unnecessary libraries and blocks
  • Moving blocks
  • Transferring variables from layout into block

Magento Theming (HTML template to Magento Theme)

    • Creating folder for our module’s package name and theme name
    • Creating theme.xml,registration.php,comopser.json
    • Creating ‘web’ folder for static files
    • Using command line for static content deply
    • Adding our css to improve your stylesheet.
    • Adding our images to web/images folder
    • Understand how magento templates layout loads
    • Converting HTML template to Magento Theme

Magento Module Development

  • Magento module file structure
  • Setup our module with basic configuration
  • Create module Controller
  • Create Block
  • Create View file
  • Create Router
  • Binding of a template system to block

Module Development : Creating Database Table, Models

  • Creating our database table schema
  • Create Model, Resource Model and Collection files.
  • Get data from the database and display them on frontend

Module Development : data list ,data add frm in block

  • show list of data on a block
  • Creating form in block to insert data on database table

Module Development : Creating backend of our module

  • Add links to the admin main menu
  • Admin controllers
  • Admin templates

Module Development : Event driven architecture

  • Magento Event driven architecture

Tools to help with developments in Magento

  • Developer mode
  • Developer-Debug Tool
  • Logging into Magento