Phone Mobile Application Development Training Program

Well, if you are aiming to make your career in iPhone development, then you have landed to the right page! Yes, MagentoGuru Professional Training is the best in providing world-class training in this exponentially growing IT field.

Iphone development is basically all about adding exceptional functional capabilities in an iPhone by developing new and engaging applications. Every application is built keeping in mind unique and different needs of a business.

At MagentoGuru, we have a team of experienced and skilled iPhone developers who guide students throughout the training session in helping them to develop amazing, user-friendly applications. You will be the best Iphone training in Delhi with proper practical work guidance.

Duration of Course

  1. 4 weeks
  2. 6 weeks
  3. 6 months


  • Introduction to iPhone OS, which includes features of iOS, Introduction to Xcode,Cocoa Touch, Xcode workflow tools and iPhone Simulator, the basic tools used in iPhone development.
  • Principles of OOPS: It is the base upon which development is completely based, so we train students in working with variables and constants, Protocols and categories, Array and pointers.
  • Objective-C memory management: As the part of objective-C memory management, we let our students know about auto release pool—using accessor method,Managing memory ,Control statements and loops in objective –C.
  • Interface builder: This includes knowledge about referencing outlets, Document window system tools,Outlets and action .
  • Debugging: Knowledge of debugging is very important in every development field. We give information on types of debugging, Managing program execution, Debugging preferences, Setting and viewing breakpoints.
  • Cocoa touch: It is a UI framework used for building software programs to run on the iOS operating system. So, we begin with its basics, value objects, Design pattern of cocoa-MVC design pattern,Foundation classes, Collections and Delegation.
  • Types of applications: Creating view controller applications, View controllers,View controllers and types.
  • Keyboard inputs: Knowledge on customizing the types of inputs, Screen orientations,Displaying and dismissing of keyboard.
  • Basic data persistence and File handling: It includes topics on property list objects and types, Modifying and Creating of data using pList and Property list serialization.
  • Graphics and Multimedia: Topics covered under graphics and multimedia include introduction to Quartz, Using OpenGLES, Audio and Video Playback, Drawing using Quartz and Ultoolkit as well as Supported Formats.
  • SQLite data base: We introduce students to the basics of URL loading system and knowledge on creating Databases, Working on URL loading system-RSS reader.
  • Core services Integration, which includes Mail, Accelerometer, Address book, Other standard application, Safari,Viewing and analyzing traced data as well as Maps.
  • Publishing iPhone Apps to the App Store