Considering the future of a BCA, B.Tech, BA and MCA students etc, we provide a huge explorer as 6 months/6 weeks industrial training in DELHI, which is now a days a sufficient part of education.

Considering the following points one must choose the place to be trained in:
1. The company must be an software development company.
2. The type of training they provide i.e. live training or dummy training.
3. After working on any live project will the company host the project online so that you can be the proffered choice of the employers in future.
4. One must ensure that what type of project they are going to handle and will it be useful in enhancing the skills.

MAGENTOGURU, ensures you about all the above mentioned points and with the best work environment and nice infrastructure we provide the best practical experience of working. This will be helpful in enabling good communicate skills and raise of confidence level in a student to work in an office environment. We provide the proper theoretical knowledge with about 50% of practice work. Our industrial training is DELHI, is regarded as one of the best training program by our students who have studied from us.

Industrial Training Programs :

  • PHP Web Development Program
  • Android Mobile Application Development Program
  • .NET Application Development Program
  • iPhone Mobile Application Development Program
  • Website Design & Development Program
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Marketing etc